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  1. This is a nifty idea, but I won't be using it any time soon, even if I had a smartphone.I find the more separation there is between cash and the product you're buying, the less it feels like I am spending money. The easiest example is cash vs credit card. Physically taking out $160 in cash to pay for my haircut and bus token was much harder than just charging it to my card.

  2. The bulk of the RLDS 20th Century additions to the D&C were administrative things and have been removed to the appendix. For example, there is Section 123: “This section is a report of the Joint Council held in compliance with the instruction of Doctrine and Covenants 122:13. It was included in the Doctrine and Covenants at the request of the Council of Twelve and concurred in by the General Conference of 1895. It is not a revelation. The Conference of 1970 ordered its removal to the Appendix.” [Text bolded by me.] One little item from this section: “Resolved that we advise that the colored members in Detroit, Michigan, be organized in a separate branch as soon as practicable.”

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